We offer audio enhancement, video enhancement, audio redacting, video redacting, animated blurring and highlighting, tape restoration, audio noise reduction, voice identification, digital image authentication, CCTV tape demultiplexing, video stabilization, audio authenticity analysis, video authenticity analysis, video photogrammetry, height analysis, video enlargement, courtroom audio visual A/V presentation systems, TaserCAM obscuring authentication and analysis, BodyCam (BWC) obscuring, authentication and analysis, audio video authenticity, wiretap authenticity, noise measurement, environmental noise monitoring, workplace noise analysis, sound recording and expert witness testimony for law enforcement, legal professionals and the general public.

Audio and Video Evidence Is Crucial

Through the use of image clarification, AVFL improves the quality of video surveillance tapes and digital video files. Clarification involves digital techniques that can reveal detail from shadow or blurry images. We stabilize and enhance Cell Phone and TASER video clips.

For audio, sophisticated computers and algorithms process the noise out while enhancing the voice. Intelligibility is greatly improved. Near and far speakers can then be understood and identified. Artifacts introduced by recording and re-recording are removed.

Tape and Digital Media Authentication: With sophisticated computers we examine digital audio, digital video, media from mobile devices such as the Apple IPhone and IPad, TASER CAM video clips and wiretaps for tampering. We examine audio and video tapes through test instruments and tape microscopy for authenticity.


Audio Restoration
Audio Clarification and audio evidence cleanup. Sophisticated computer algorithems identify voice and non-voice content and process the noise out while enhancing the voice. Intelligability is greatly improved. Near and far speakers can then be identified. Artifacts introduced by recording and re-recording are removed. Transcriptions can be made and linked to CD copies of the final product.

Forensic Audio Examinations and Authentication
Scientific Examination of recordings for alteration, omissions, editing, tampering, recorder actions ie. stop/start/pause/voice activation. Analysis determines that a particular machine was capable of making the recording offered in evidence. Originality is examined. Speakers are identified. Voice and Non-Voice Signal Analysis is performed and samples are plotted on a spectrum analyzer; waveforms are compared and printed.

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Clarify Dark Footage
Crucial details are hidden in video due to poor lighting, improperly adjusted and maintained cameras and cheap video equipment. Super Resolution technology can reconstitute lost details from cell phone and low resolution IP surveillance video. We can compensate for the poorly exposed video by analyzing the entire video, or just a region of interest to adjust brightness, contrast and gamma to bring out more detail. We can remove noise and video graininess. When the target remains still for even a moment, video noise and other transient items like rain and snow are removed, revealing the details hidden beneath.

Authenticity examinations are conducted to determine whether video recordings are original, continuous, unaltered, and consistent with the operation of the recording device used to make the recording.

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Residential, Occupational and Environmental Noise Monitoring

Audio Visual Courtroom Presentation Services

It is very important for everyone to see and hear audio video evidence properly at the all important trial phase of a case. For trials and hearings we can provide a reliable, well thought out A/V system for any courtroom layout and special need. Includes a large 84″ high contrast portable screen with specially designed 180 degree viewing angle. Smaller 50″ screens also available. High output, high contrast portable LCD projectors display crisp images and correct colors even in bright light conditions. Projector can be hooked up to both plaintiff and defendant laptops and easily switched on the fly. For our client, the projector can be driven by a laptop super-computer which will deliver perfect high resolution evidentiary video or stills over distances of up to 100 feet instantly and without image degradation.

The world famous Bose TM audio system with external digital interfacing via USB will deliver accurate evidentiary audio to all who need to hear it.

All of the above can be delivered, set up and retrieved in the New York tri-state area or shipped anywhere in the USA.

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