Expert Qualifications

office3Robert W. Sanderson, Principal

Rob is the President and Forensic Video Analyst at Audio Video Forensic Labs. Rob’s career stems from an early interest in electronics. Coupled with a good ear for sound, Rob transitioned from hobbyist to building his own world class recording studio which he operated for 14 years. Later, Rob dove head first into video engineering and for 10 years has successfully operated SVS Television Productions. Now Rob brings 24 years of combined professional A/V experience exclusively to the forensics world. Professionally trained in audio and video authentication and clarification as well as voice identification, Rob’s experience and intuitive capabilities can yield impressive results where others fail. Job 1 – Help deliver usable evidence whenever possible.


Jan. 2005 – Present
Audio Video Forensic Lab Poughkeepsie, NY

Skills: Scientific Examination, Comparison and/or Evaluation of Audio and Video Evidence in Legal Matters.
Audio and video enhancement, restoration, clarification, digital audio video authentication, tape microscopy, photogrammetry, audio noise reduction, video de-multiplexing and stabilization, taser video authenticity, wiretap authenticity, TASER CAM Authentication and Analysis, Body Cam Authentication and Analysis. Mr. Sanderson also speaks on the topics of A/V Enhancement and Authentication.

Clients Include: New York State Attorney General, Cook County States Attorney, Dutchess County NY District Attorney, Mass. Public Defender, Nassau County Homicide Dept., Federal Public Defender – District of Oregon, the Legal Aid Society of New York, CSX Railways, State of New Jersey Public Defenders, the City of Chicago, the Innocence Project of Florida, State of Maryland Public Defenders, Reuters, Pinkerton, local police departments, private investigators, insurance companies, citizens and attorneys. Vetted expert on the New York City 18B panel.

Specific Forensic Education

Forensic AUDIO Training:
Forensic Audio Enhancement, Certificate of Completion from Enhanced Audio.
Audio Authentication: Project Experience – Retired FBI Specialist James B. Reames
Advanced Forensic Audio Enhancement: Digital Audio Corporation, Certificate of Completion
Audio Authentication and Enhancement, Voice Identification – NY Institute of Forensic Audio – Certificate of Completion
Voiceprint Identification Techniques – Rik Alexanderson, Voice Identification Inc. Certificate of Completion

Forensic VIDEO Training:

Cognitech Tri-Suite Training, Certificates of Completion from Video Advisors LLC and Cognitech
MotionDSP Ikena, Development Contributor and Long Term Beta Tester
Omnivore and dTective Forensic Suite Training, Certificates of Completion from Ocean Systems
Video Analyst NASA VISAR Forensic System, Certificate of Completion from Intergraph Corp.
Video Authentication and Enhancement, Certificate of Completion – Owl Investigations
Foclar Impress, Development Contributor Beta Tester

Computer and Mobile Device Media Extraction and Analysis:
BlackLight Tool Training, BlackBag Technologies. Certified BlackLight Examiner. Windows, Mac, IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

1980 – Present
Independent sound design and acoustic analysis services including: recording studio design, large corporate event production and evaluation of residential / commercial business noise emissions.

1995 – 2005
SVS Television Productions Poughkeepsie, NY
President, Chief Engineer
Produced Corporate Sales and PR Programs. Wrote, shot, edited all programs. Designed and built facilities. Clients include IBM, Culinary Institute of America, ABC, Laerdal Medical Corp. and Creative Media (Phillip Morris, Pepsi, Marsh, Duracell). Produced DVD’s and Interactive CD-Rom Projects.

1981 – 1995
Soundscape Recording Studios, Poughkeepsie
President, Chief Engineer
Chief Engineer on over 1,000 Recording Sessions. Designed and built facilities.


“Rob impressed me in at least three different areas when we worked closely together on a case last year. First, his technical knowledge of video technologies is exceptional. He knew things about video that I didn’t even know existed. But unlike many of technical experts, Rob is equally comfortable thinking strategically on big picture issues and problem-solving. In the unusual case where we met, he realized that he needed someone outside the typical area of expertise of people who do forensic work, so he determined what he needed and then sought out someone in a different industry who had that expertise. This strategic problem-solving was absolutely essential in developing the evidence that led to a successful defense. Finally, Rob managed a diverse group of experts ably and comfortably. He is cool and effective under pressure and just a good guy to work with. I recommend him without equivocation.” -George Janes, Principal at George M Janes & Associates

Robert shows exceptional attention to detail in the work heperforms. He is truly a one of kind individual and posses a uniqueskill set for audio visual forensics. I would highly recommendRobert and the work he performs with AV Forensic Labs.” – Douglas Brush, Cyber Security Expert

Member, International Association of Identification and the Audio Engineering Society