Noise Monitoring

Comprehensive short and long-term noise monitoring and assessment

We perform:

  • Base-line surveys for planning
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Road traffic noise monitoring
  • Entertainment venue management
  • 24/7 Neighborhood noise pollution measurements
  • Environmental & Community noise surveys
  • Reports
    • Create customized reports.¬†Provide a convenient way to view and manage data.

Occupational Noise Monitoring

Prevention of hearing loss at work

  • Measuring of noise exposure at work.
  • Selection of the right hearing protection to prevent hearing loss at work
  • Confirm compliance with health standards

Roadway Noise Testing

Monitoring of car, truck and motorcycle noise near sensitive residential areas

  • Assist authorities measuring ambient noise levels
  • Perform scheduled inspection and surveys of roadway noise

Environmental Noise Monitoring

Environmental noise monitoring in industry and communities. Measuring sound levels and detailed spectral information.

  • Noise nuisance assessments
  • Construction noise measurements
  • Urban noise monitoring and noise mapping
  • Verifying boundary noise level¬†emissions from airports and industrial properties