forensic video enhancement equipmentAVFL is constantly upgrading it’s equipment to remain state of the art, and staff training is continuous.

Forensic Video Systems :
Conitech has provided us with our second mobile video forensics workstation featuring Cognitech’s Tri-Suite. Tri-Suite has powerful multiframe enhancement, stabilization, excellent de-multiplexing and suspect measurement capability in the field.

AVFL uses Ikena image processing technology by Motion DSP. This is advanced forensic video enhancement and stabilization software. MotionDSP was funded by a strategic investment and technology advancement agreement with In-Q-Tel, the independent strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the mission of the Central Intelligence Agency and the broader U.S. Intelligence Community.

Ocean System’s  video analysis systems are relied on in the lab for excellent high resolution capture, image processing and preparation of forensic video evidence for court. Courtroom demonstrations are crisp and the best quality is preserved from the clarification / restoration process.

Foclar Impress image processing software rounds out a comprehensive set of tools in use at AVFL. Foclar provides innovative, highly effective solutions to difficult video analysis problems. Our clients benefit from Foclar’s continuous development process in response to the evolving demands of the job.

Audio Systems:

forensic audio equipment


We also use the famous CEDAR CAMBRIDGE audio restoration equipment.


forensic audio equipment

Combined, these tools are the most powerful solution to tough speech recovery problems available in the world today.



Forensic Field Systems:
Our field audio and video acquisition, enhancement and playback systems are designed to be portable. If necessary we can dispatch complete systems including analyst to your site or the courtroom. In the case of original evidence that an agency will not release we can travel to the field office and copy it without alteration.

Audio Visual Courtroom Presentation Services:
It is very important for everyone to see and hear audio video evidence properly at the all important trial phase of a case. For trials and hearings we can provide a reliable, well thought out A/V system for any courtroom layout and special need.

Projection: Includes a large 84″ high contrast portable screen with specially designed 180 degree viewing angle. Smaller 50″ screens also available. High output, high contrast portable LCD projectors display crisp images and correct colors even in bright light conditions. Projector can be hooked up to both plaintif and defendant laptops and easily switched on the fly. For our client, the projector can be driven by a laptop super-computer which will deliver perfect high resolution evidentiary video or stills over distances of up to 100 feet instantly and without image degradation.

Multi-Screen Distribution: LCD screens can be set up around the courtroom for the jury, judge and witness.

The world famous Bose TM audio system with external digital interfacing via USB will deliver accurate evidentiary audio to all who need to hear it.

All of the above can be delivered, set up and retreived in the New York tri-state area or arranged for anywhere in the USA.