Video Enhancement and Authenticity

video enhancement services by a video expert and forensice video specialist

What is the most often used Forensic Video Enhancement Analysis technique?

Clarification. In video footage we can remove noise, interlacing lines and video graininess. Transient items like rain and snow are removed revealing the details hidden beneath. Blurring caused by interlacing, lense blur and camera/subject motion is reduced and images are significantly improved with multi-frame and velocity reconstruction processing technologies for the best enhancement job available.

Can any file be improved?

Yes! The question is by how much. At AVFL we endeavor to recover usable evidence. Send us your file and in most cases we can tell you if it is worth working on. Some media needs more time consuming inspection and I will advise in advance if charges apply.


What other video services are available:

Demultiplex View multiple cameras at once, then interactively select which demultiplexed camera views you would like to view. Those views can then be saved as individual video clips. NEW – REALTIME VIEWING AVAILABLE to identify suspects and crime scene activity.

Create Panoramic Images this important area of video combines images present in various segments of crime scene video to produce one composite still which includes all critical visual elements in one picture.

Magnify a section of the video, enhance it and display the result as a higher resolution still (or video). Especially useful when presenting the results in court.

Capture virtually any digital video file into an uncompressed video file for processing. The digital file is often recorded in a proprietary format and often it requires a proprietary player to simply view the file. Once digitized, the footage can be used for further examination. This digitized footage is an exact duplicate of the original file, thus the original is left unaltered.

Stabilize shakey video scenes. an unstable area of video is tracked and stabilized in the XYand Z axis and the picture clarified.

Authenticate Authenticity examinations are conducted to determine whether video recordings are original, continuous, unaltered, and consistent with the operation of the recording device used to make the recording.

Reconstruct an image which is only partially visible at any one time as a complete image. Example, a car passes by but only part of the car is visible as it passes by. We create a mosaic image which stitches together the whole car and renders it to a still.

Measure Height of Suspect with relatively few actual known measurements at the scene.

Redaction – Animated redaction by blurring faces, body parts, logos or objects moving in video scenes. Highlighting moving participants or objects in a video scene.


Audio Visual Courtroom Presentation Services:

It is very important for everyone to see and hear audio video evidence properly at the all important trial phase of a case. For trials and hearings we can provide a reliable, well thought out A/V system for any courtroom layout and special need. Includes a large 84″ high contrast portable screen with specially designed 180 degree viewing angle. Smaller 50″ screens also available. High output, high contrast portable LCD projectors display crisp images and correct colors even in bright light conditions. Projector can be hooked up to both plaintiff and defendant laptops and easily switched on the fly. For our client, the projector can be driven by a laptop super-computer which will deliver perfect high resolution evidentiary video or stills over distances of up to 100 feet instantly and without image degradation.

The world famous Bose TM audio system with external digital interfacing via USB will deliver accurate evidentiary audio to all who need to hear it.

All of the above can be delivered, set up and retrieved in the New York tri-state area or shipped anywhere in the USA.

What audio services do you provide?

Audio restoration, audio editing, noise reduction and Audio Forensics. Removing hiss, clicks, pops, and all other audio disturbances, voice analysis, Forensic Audio clarification and audio evidence cleanup.  Whether your source is cassette tape recordings, reel-to-reel recordings, MP3 files, hidden mic recordings, or other Forensic voice analysis or audio analysis, our lab can do remarkable things to make evidence useful.

Can audio tapes be authenticated?

If the machine that the material was recorded on is available, many tapes can be identified as having been, or not been recorded on the machine in question. There are also many clues as to the originality of a tape and if it has been edited. more