Why is Noise Monitoring Important?

Environmental noise caused by traffic, industrial, residential, and recreational activities is a growing local environmental problem. It is the source of an increasing number of complaints from the public, however I think it’s one of the easiest environmental pollution issues to prevent! Here are the plusses:

  • New construction planning is much cheaper than rectifying a problem later. Road traffic noise monitoring during construction confirms compliance with local planning and zoning board requirements.
  • Noise can be remotely monitored from multiple sampling points over long-term periods thus verifying boundary noise level emissions from airports and industrial properties.
  • Employees will greatly benefit from the selection of the right hearing protection. Prevention of hearing loss at work results in lower health insurance premiums and worker’s compensation claims
  • In residential buildings, noise intrusion can be assessed over longer periods, in most cases unattended
  • Neighborhood noise pollution measurements of car, truck and motorcycle noise helps to maintain quality of life in sensitive residential areas. Noise nuisance assessments via customized reports provide a convenient way to view, evaluate and manage data.

To sum up, noise monitoring can save lots of money so consider the value and plan to be a good neighbor!