What does it take to determine the Truth?

As one might expect, Truth is the business I am in. Many people think when hiring a forensic analyst that the services are limited to strictly laboratory examinations and reports. Lots of professional forensic examiners do view it this way however the reality for me is quite different. Let’s back up a bit. Civil and criminal cases involve plaintiffs and defendants, lawyers, witnesses, judges, and family members at the very least. Everyone is hypothetically trying to get to the truth. Usually it falls to those with a genuine interest in the truth to find it and convince others of it. This is a huge task and as a key member of a team I realize it starts with the need for each of the involved parties to understand how I can support their role in the process. Throughout the months (and sometimes years), a case, and my contribution to it changes from technical examination and plain old flat footed investigatory work to guiding the teams strategy as the case evolves. We get to the truth by investigating hard, forcing others to investigate and sticking to it, not by simply offering plausible arguments which don’t win cases. You should expect nothing less. And we love doing it!